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Usui Reiki level II

Date: June 3, 2023

Location: Sidcup, Kent Uk

Contact: Amanda Panayiotou

About the event

Our Usui Reiki Level II Course covers a deeper connection and understanding of Reiki, heightening your Reiki experience. You will learn the three sacred Reiki Symbols used for your Reiki practice, along with an understanding of Reiki for children and animals, how to conduct distant healing and what you can expect from The School of Mindful Healing's Reiki Circle.


You will also receive your Second Degree Usui Reiki Attunement.

You will learn:
Introduction to Reiki II
Benefits of Reiki II
Reiki Symbols & their meanings
Reiki II Attunement
Working with Reiki II Symbols
Distant Healing
Reiki Triangles
Reiki for Children & Animals
Healing Groups

Date: 3rd June 2023
Time: 10am - 3pm
Location: Sidcup, Kent Uk

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