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BGI Insurance

Insurance Designed for the Health & Wellbeing Sector

Bespoke insurance solutions for the Health & Wellbeing sector, currently encompassing 1,500+ varying activities/therapies.

Only available through Foyht, which is open to people of most countries worldwide.


The insurance element of membership is available to those resident in/working across the UK, EEA and South Africa:

  • for face-to-face work: anywhere in the world other than USA/Canada.

  • for online/onscreen work: anywhere in the world but UK/EEA jurisdiction applies.

At we believe that practitioners should be adequately protected to enable them to practice and with confidence: we think about insurance so that they don’t need to. approaches the needs of all practitioners in a holistic manner.


We endeavour to provide help and assistance beyond the world of insurance – both to the individual practitioners and to their supporting membership groups/associations.

Membership governing body
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