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The Relationship, Intimacy & Retreat for Couples
with Love University

Date: June 4 - 9, 2023

Location: Tramunta Flow, 07141 Sa Cabaneta, Illes Balears, Spain

Contact: Jennifer Surch

About the event

Love University - Couples Retreat


Retreats provide a rare chance to spend dedicated time with your significant other. Focus on your relationship and spend precious time with each other away from life’s stressors.


The Relationship & Intimacy Retreat for Couples taking place in Majorca, Spain in June 2023 is combines modern day talking therapies and techniques with ancient wisdom through tantra practices. It is the ideal place to combine a romantic holiday with learning new skills and rebuilding your relationship. Pushing your boundaries to see a new side to each other through a range of activities and workshops.


Who is this Retreat for?

•  If you wish to deepen the strength of your already synchronised long-term relationship.

•  For couples experiencing significant distress looking for quick results with proven techniques to strengthen your connection.

•  For couples who want to save their relationship that is at risk of separation

•  New couples who want to work together to continually improve their relationship.

•  If you feel that you need to enhance your romantic adventure on a quest for spiritual, sexual and relationship growth. Perhaps you feel something is missing and you want to explore with your partner.

•  For those that may be unable to commit to traditional style therapy sessions each week due to other commitments or responsibilities.


What makes this retreat different?

•  This Retreat will provide the setting for a wonderful journey into conscious relating and sacred sexuality by Lottie Passell-Syms and Jenny Surch, both internationally renowned practitioners in the field of love and repair.

•  The combination of coaching relational and somatic sense, touch and exploration will give you the opportunity to explore and cultivate a relationship that has more meaning and depth.

•  The retreat brings together empowering practices and understanding from a wide range of sources, from modern scientific knowledge and therapeutic practices to ancient Tantric and Taoist wisdom. To create an experience for the two of you that will have you connecting more deeply and opening up more fully than ever before.


What is involved?

This is a 5-Day Retreat in Majorca, Spain…

The retreat is an intimate experience, with a maximum of 10 couples per retreat and workshop times focused completely on you as a couple.

With two to three workshop sessions per day, the retreat provides you with plenty of time off to enjoy the environment and do your homework.

There are group meetings for receiving information, no need for self-disclosure.

The program for each couple with be tailored.


What will you learn?


•  To reignite the communication and to make it clear and meaningful.

•  Better understanding of behaviour within the relationship and why they are there.

•  Looking at family of origin and how this plays out in your relationship today.

•  How to have a conscious relationship.


•  Reconnect emotionally through words, responses and touch.

•  How to talk about intimacy issues, including how to ask for what you want.


•  How to explore the ecstasy of the ‘valleys’ as well as the intensity of the ‘peaks’ of complete union.

•  Ways to pleasure each other for heightened  arousal.

•  An approach to love making that is endlessly creative and satisfying.



Who is facilitating this retreat?

Lottie Passell-Syms

As a Relationship Counsellor Lottie is internationally renowned for taking couples [from 0 - to 100%] in 6 weeks.

•  During the retreat I will be taking you through exercises that will enhance your communication and listening skills and a combination of attachment and childhood patterning that will enable you to see more how the past is playing in your relationship now.

•  We will re-write this new script together believing in love, romance and nurture allowing for change and growth to happen.

•  We will be looking at your sexual template and what each of you bring to the relationship.


Jenny Surch

AOMT Founder

Jenny is an award-winning Tantra Practitioner well known for her unique approach to encompassing the mind, body and soul in her work.

•  During the retreat I will be using a number of holistic techniques of energy healing and soothing body work.

•  Through breath, movement, body work and talking therapy you can find balance with oneself and one another.

•  You will be shown inventive ways of keeping the arousal and the intrigue intact and how to awaken the senses; building and sharing sexual energy.



The retreat is hosted at the luxurious tramuntana flow and guests have full use of the retreats facilities at



This location was chosen for its lush scenery, its idyllic surroundings, combined with a warmth sense of closeness and appreciation for all that we’re going to learn over the next five days.


Course Dates

4th - 9th June, 2023



£1800 pp includes course, accommodation & food.

A non refundable deposit of £500pp is required to secure your place, this unique opportunity for Tantra and Psychosexual to come together has limited spaces.

Payment options available

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