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Stepping Out Of Trauma And Into Sisterhood

Date: January 26 - April 26th, 2023

Contact: Vicki Rebecca

A women-only, evening workshop with Vicki and Rakasa will explore and experience methods of deconditioning the sister wound, releasing its trauma from our bodies, and stepping into the peace, love, understanding and connection that is true sisterhood.

Arrive any time from 5.20 BYO offering for a potluck supper.
The workshop will begin after food and end by 8.30/9.00, the energy exchange is £66.


Rakasa and Vicki are both experienced psychotherapists.

Rakasa’s niche is around trauma healing and somatic experiencing, having done the Peter Levene training, as well as being a Family Constellation trainer and therapist.

Vicki’s focus has been NLP, Hypnosis, and Sekhem healing.

Both women are sannyasin and facilitators of OSHO’s meditations.

These are the fantastic psychotherapeutic modalities that will be drawn upon to transmute trauma into healing.

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