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International Institute of 
Holistic Therapists 

Welcome to The International Institute of Holistic Therapies

Do you aspire to become a recognised course provider in the Holistic Therapy industry? Allow the IIOHT accreditation team to offer their expert guidance and support throughout your journey.

✔️ Our accreditation process meticulously scrutinizes qualifications and short courses to ensure they meet the highest standards, thereby instilling confidence in students that they are receiving a top-tier education.


✔️ As an IIOHT accredited course provider, your courses will gain national and international recognition, validating their worth in the industry.


✔️ Whether you are a seasoned or budding course provider, our team is committed to helping you attain accreditation and elevate your courses to the next level.

If you are a therapist seeking an IIOHT accredited course provider, look no further!

Membership governing body


Becoming an IIOHT accredited course provider has numerous advantages. Upon accreditation, newly registered course providers will receive:

  • A certificate of accreditation to showcase in their premises.

  • A listing in our esteemed membership magazine, 'The Global Therapist Guide,' as well as on the website.

  • A logo for use on their course documents and website.

  • Accredited course providers will be sent a new certificate annually upon renewal.

As a holistic therapist, joining a professional body such as the International Institute of Holistic Therapies (IIOHT) can provide many benefits that can help you in your professional development and growth. 

The IIOHT can provide credibility and recognition for your skills and knowledge. It shows that you are dedicated to your profession and are committed to maintaining high standards of practice. This can be especially important for clients who are looking for a therapist and want to ensure that they are receiving the best possible care.


Karen Anderson

Selecting the International Institute of Holistic Therapies as my accrediting body provided peace of mind for all involved and made my efforts worthwhile. From the initial application to acceptance, the process was clearly explained, easy to follow, affordable, thorough, and fair. With continuous guidance and support throughout, I find the IIOHT accreditation process to be a natural part of my business development."
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