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Karen Andersson

LOCATION:          Beaconsfield, Australia


PHONE:                 0490909386

About me

Karen Andersson

Hey Magical Manifestors,

I'm Karnie and maybe just maybe, I'm the person you're looking for, to help you write a whole new, incredible ending to your story!

Sometimes the 'old stories' we tell ourselves, borne deep in our subconscious, aren't quite in alignment with the magical vision we hold for the abundant and expansive vision our Souls know is our true essence; that's where I can help.


As a STARR Practitioner, my job is to teach you how to create a conscious connection with your Superconscious, that part of you,

which knows the real power and potential of who you are at a Soul Level and wants nothing more to place you on your Soul aligned pathway!


To do that we have to crack open those 'old stories' of limitation and recode them back to their magical foundation of limitless possibilities, so that the new vision, the one in sync with your Soul, can be birthed and affirmed.

I'm pretty dang awesome at holding space because I've been doing it for 24 years in my role as an: Energy Alchemist, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, Transpersonal Counsellor and Crystal Bed Therapist.

If you're curious about how the STARR, 7 step process can help you? Reach out today and let's chat.

Therapies accredited by IIOHT:

STARR Practitioner

Transpersonal Counsellor

Reiki Master

NLP Practitioner

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