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Jennifer Surch

LOCATION:          Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


PHONE:                 +447494129575


About me

Jennifer Surch, an acclaimed Tantra teacher with 24 years of experience, has assisted numerous individuals in harnessing and sharing their talents as practitioners in the realm of Tantra and beyond. She has conducted Tantra workshops and retreats for couples and individuals, both in groups and one-on-one, for over two decades. Her practical experience has enabled her to develop effective techniques that enhance the quality of life. Jennifer is passionate about global healing and encourages like-minded individuals to purchase a book authored by her mentor and friend, Bernadette Valley.

Jennifer began her journey as a counselor in her 20s, which progressed to various holistic therapies and ultimately to neuroscience as medical science advanced. During her younger years, she attended numerous workshops by renowned Tantra schools and trained under some of the greatest teachers in the UK, including Kris Dev North in Taoist Sacred Arts and Shiatsu, Sarita of the School of Awakening, John Hawkins of the Path of Tantra, and Kavida Rei, her personal mentor and friend. Jennifer also studied the Sacred Arts, Kriya yoga, breathing classes, and long priestess trainings for women with Bernadette Valley in the Kingston Goddess Temple.

Jennifer has been an active supporter of the UK's wider Tantra community for over two decades and has been a well-known figure in the Tantra scene. She attended Tantra teacher community meetings for many years, which led to the establishment of the London Festival of Tantra and the foundation of the Association of Tantra Practitioners, which gave rise to the ASIS Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists. Jennifer also trained with Transcendence, Jason of gaytantra, Jahnet, and was a member of Shada and the Sexual Freedom Coalition. Additionally, she founded the International Institute of Tantra UK in 2008, which has now rebranded and merged with the Academy of Modern Tantra.

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