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About me

Hello, my name is Iris Anna !

I am a Master Graduated Clinical Mental Health Pharmacist , a Qualified Tantra Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and a Certified Inner Dance Facilitator.


I have been practising and privately leading groups and individuals on the Path of Integrated Therapies and Sacred Sexuality since 2002.

Working both as a Mental Health Clinician and a Complementary Therapist, I am absolutely passionate about acknowledging the validity of both Traditional medicine and Holistic treatments in order to promote and achieve holistic wellbeing 


I hold a Level 8 Certificate in Counselling and I am also a Qualified Educator and Trainer ( currently member of SET)


I specialise in the use of Conscious Touch as a way to unlock our Emotions and promote their Integration .

Already an approved Training Provider Member of IIOHT

Looking forward to meeting you

Love, Iris

Services offered

Conscious Touch 

 Reiki Energy Alignment 

 Chakra Energy Flow 

Inner Dance 121

Tantra Embodiment Somatic Healing

Archetypes and Tree of Life Pathways 

Yoni Massage

Intuitive Somatic Touch : My intuitive and caring touch, from my heart to yours will aim to improve your sense of self, to feel seen , heard and held in a safe , judgement-free and trusting space. Allow your body, mind and spirit to be caressed, hugged and cuddled and be open to receive and release . Soft background music, warm oils and fragrant incense complete the experience


Reiki Energy Alignment : It aims to restore Life Energy Flow through the body by promoting chakras rebalance. As a therapist, I will act as a channel between your own Energy Field and the Universal Life Force by lightly placing my hands on specific areas of your body thus allowing the transfer of Energy through the main 7 chakras


121 Inner Dance Session : The Inner Dance experience gives you the opportunity to embark on a unique Soul journey via specific music frequencies skillfully curated into a playlist, sometimes supplemented by other instruments and intuitive touch if appropriate. It is not a "dance" session as such and no dance experience is required.


Tantra Embodiment Somatic Healing : In this session we will gradually use different techniques to reach a deeper level of self discovery and integrate healing. Neo-Tantra techniques include meditation, breath work, bodywork, body massage, heart connection, bonding exercises, mindfulness, journaling, setting boundaries and learning to let go.

We will be working with Chakras vibrations, 5 Elements and Body sensations with the aid of stimulating tactile tools, oils, music and intuition.


Chakra Energy Flow : This bespoke treatment focuses on balancing the chakras using movements of the pelvis, hips ,torso, arms and head. I draw from my oriental dance background to create a harmonic session where different parts of the body move in a rhythmic pattern to help release, shift, circulate , unlock and promote healing energy flow. Music and visualization accompany and guide the session. This is a very gentle but effective treatment which does not require any previous dance experience.


Archetypes and Tree of Life Pathways : The approach I offer in this session is very personal to my practice and does not claim to follow any specific orthodox , formal or mainstream school of thought. In this light , and given my experience in the field of Mythology , Tarot Symbolism and Esoteric Kabbalah (Tree of Life), I can help you explore your current Archetype(s) pattern and work towards accessing locked ones if this is appropriate.


Yoni Massage : A big part of the Sacred Sexuality Healing is learning to love our sexual organs and acknowledge their importance as the place of creation and pleasure. The goal of Yoni massage is to create a meditative and spiritual experience by promoting the circulation of Life Force (Chi) , reducing cortisol levels and improve oxytocin production.



Eastbourne -East Sussex


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