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What is Sound Healing?

Good question! as many of you will ask. It is a new concept in our modern society but it is the oldest form of healing that has been around since the Ancient times and is now being proven by research of its great use to balance and increase our overall wellbeing.

The most basic principle of sound healing is to bring our physical, mental, emotional and soul into one still point. It promotes a reset of our energy field that brings us back to the "self". We as in "us" and the "Universe" vibrate in a certain frequency. When we suffer from stress, whether this is physical pain, stress in our minds, negative emotions, we become out of alignment with our frequency and we suffer "dis-ease". Sound healing helps to entrain you back into your "tune" and in turn promote cellular healing, the unblocking of your energies that helps to create a more natural way of being.

Some of the benefits of Sound Healing include:
  • Bringing you to a calm and relaxed state of mind

  • Self awareness tool to help you clear/unblock unhealthy behaviour patterns/traumas

  • When your body relaxes, your mind steps aside, our parasympathetic nervous system swoops in and

  • promotes healing on a cellular level and balances with our sympathetic system

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Pain relief

  • Dedicated self care; ME TIME!

In our current world where everything is all about being busy and doing, the sound frequencies give you the opportunity to instead, slow down and just "being in flow" in the present moment.

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