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Date: March 11 - June 10th, 2023

Location: -

Contact: Simone Salvatici

About the event

After many years of activity, performances, concerts, and ceremonies as a musician and sound therapist, I have decided to tie them all together to give you the most in-depth, cohesive, fully certified Sound Therapy course I could ever dream about.

This course is designed to explore all techniques and knowledge you could possibly need, to set you confidently, professionally and with a strong voice in the sound healing practice and help you find your unique style.

Whether you want to specialise in groups, 1/1, or corporate or integrate it into your existing practice, whether you have some experience in sound and want to expand your understanding or you have zero knowledge, this course is for you.

It is aimed at anyone who seriously wants to start professionally or deepen into sound therapy practice.

A unique opportunity to make a change and become an inspiration to others.

What study with me looks like
4 months mentorship and access to private group.

7 modules ( 4 in person all day practical training and 3 online via zoom).

3 x 45 min 1/1 online personal coaching.

Deep practical instrumental knowledge.

Foundation on science of sound, music, musicianship and therapeutic process.

How to play effectively 10+ instruments and expand your sound palette.

Intimate and interactive small group 8 participants total.

Handouts, assignments, complete case studies.

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