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Shamanic Womb Healing with Tuning Forks

Date: July 3 - 5th, 2023

Location: -

Contact: Angie Twydall

About the event

3 day overview of course content

  • Benefits of Womb Healing with weighted and unweighted tuning forks

  • Womb Medicine Wheel Tuning forks – shamanic tools of resonance, application and use

  • Womb Medicine Wheel – also known as the Womb Cross, and its associations to the womb and yoni.

  • Elemental Alchemy – use of the elements in womb healing

  • Womb-heart breathwork – preparation with clients for deep process work

  • Sacred sounds of the Womb – toning to the yonic gateway’s as a key to healing

  • Pelvic Chalice – basic A&P

  • Goddess Healing – Attunement and transmission to the lineages from the

  • Temples of Isis in Egypt, Ixchel-Maya Medicine woman of childbirth and fertility

  • and the Ladies of the Lakes, the Magdalene.

  • Shamanic Journeying & Enchanted Storytelling

  • Guided visualisations – to deepen and access lunar consciousness, how to create

  • your own for use with clients

  • Trauma awareness – what to look for and how to help

  • 13th womb rite – group ceremony where you receive this ancient rite and transmission

Optional on-line support group after completion of training – a place for
supervision, peer support and exchange of ideas (additional fee may apply)

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